“Until you not have loved an animal, a part of your soul will be asleep. “
(Anatole France)

A.R.C.A. (Association for Refuge and Animals Care) in 2001 for a long time we were housed in a former poultry farm without running water and no light, we have suffered much to carry out this project to give new life to abandoned dogs. In, 2011, we entered a new phase in the new facility where about 200 abandoned dogs are looked after.


The Association aims to improve the defence and protection of stray animals and their subsequent adoption. Also to improve public awareness about the problem of neglect, the promotion of sterilisation and identification, and service for the welfare of stray animals.

The Association does not euthanise any animal because they are old, because they
are hard to take care of, for lack of space or for any other reason except that the animal suffers, health and humanitarian reasons, and always under the supervision of a veterinarian.

The Association sterilises, vaccinates, wormes and identifies all animals during the stay in the shelter and in any case before they are put up for adoption.

The Association has adopted the animal personally and they spend time to verify the adequacy
of the conditions under which the animals live and examines the suitability of the adoptive parents, keeping track of adoptions.

The Association treats all animals alike, making no discrimination based on race, age or other circumstances, reporting cases of abuse and acts in the confiscation of the animal. Moreover, contrary to the indiscriminate breeding and selling animals.