November sale at Bar Estacion

ARCA table top sale

Venta tabla ARCA superior


Sunday 30th November 10.00am until 13.00hrs

Para el beneficio de la casa de los perros ARCA por favor venga y nos apoyan.

De todo en A.R.C.A. Más información llamada o texto Mave 678975816

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2 comments on November sale at Bar Estacion:

  1. Mave December 17, 2014 10:25 soy

    Well I did the sale at the bar on the Terrace, it was not very nice, in all that rain I said to myselfI must be mad, the things I do for those rascals”. Lisa from the bar helped me & Terry who comes in the bar helped me set up, I took so much stuff, I wanted to have loads to sell so people come back, any way I took 230 Euros, My friends gave me Sky satellite dish to sell & I got a few donations, I think they felt sorry for me, almost everyone was our usual supporters, & they didn’t want change,it all adds up, I did not expect to do so well as not many people came but I did have some really good things to sell. Gigi as been adopted by a Catalan couple, Estoy tan feliz por ella, she has leishmania but is controlled with med.
    A.R.C.A. Was flooded out
    , they put photos on Facebook & some English people brought a load of gravel yesterday & came back today to help put it in all the areas where the dogs play, it was so much better when they finished, we were really grateful. Carmen as put photos of them on Facebook.
    The Church are doing A Xmas Fair next Saturday in L’Ampolla, & are letting me have a table there for a.r.c.a. I have some nice Xmas things to sell so hope I do well again, a lot of the people who came Sunday said they will be coming, I think it will be a good day.
    Thanks again for your support.Mave xx

    • Mave December 17, 2014 10:28 soy

      Did the Xmas fair in L’Ampolla today organised by the church. Did well to say I only sold Xmas items, 95 Euros.Terry Copper who helped me on Sunday was outside in his Santa suit getting people in so we had quite a few Catalans in buying. I think the church did very well with the Tombolla & the raffle.

      We are helping so many owners with getting their dogs spayed to try & reduce the amount of pups being dumped, I do think the Catalans are getting better especially the younger generation, we still have quite a few walking the dogs on Saturdays, which the dogs love.

      Would you do me a thank you on our web site please sayingCarmen and the staff at A.R.C.A. me gustaría decir un gran agradecimiento a todos los que ya nos han apoyado durante todo el año, sin su ayuda A.R.C.A. no sería lo que es hoy, por lo que agradecemos su ayuda. Les deseamos a todos una muy Feliz Navidad y buena salud y felicidad a través de 2015.

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