Bar Estacion Table Top Sale

table top sale

table top sale


Sunday 1st June 10.00am until 13.00hrs

For the benefit of the ARCA dogs home please come and support us.

May 2014: We had a white, English transit van abandoned out side the door at the kennels, the number plates were removed so were the keys, inside were 5 dogs, 4 female German shepherds & I collie, they are in beautiful condition, now we have 4 more females to spay & I male to neuter, of course no money was left in the van, because they did not leave the keys Carmen called the Mossos who had it removed. I have found out who they are, they lived in Roquettes, it appears they have left, probably back in the UK now a.r.c.a. are left to take care of them.
Now one of the dogs as come into season & it is causing a big problem with the other dogs, we have to keep it separate.all our female dogs are spayed apart from the ones which are too young.
We have just had 2 beautiful German Shehard pups in. See the photo of one. Homes are desperately needed as the kennels are over flowing with dogs and puppies!

german shepherd puppy

german shepherd puppy



From all at A.R.C.A. More info call or text Mave 678975816

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1 comment on Bar Estacion Table Top Sale:

  1. mave June 8, 2014 1:21 pm

    We did very well considering there were two other local sales on yesterday, with the 50 Euros from the books they sell at the bar, we took 272 Euros. Carmen came to help me, she was very happy did so well. This just goes to prove people support A.R.C.A. Which we are very grateful for. Would you do a big thank you to everyone who came to support us again & thanks to you for getting the lovely posters to me at such a short notice.
    Love Mave xx

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