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Dog of the month

Able looking for a homeDog of the month: January 2012

"a special dog"

Hello, I'm Able,
Not so long ago I was found wondering in the mountains around Camarles. But considering people took me in and brought me to the animalshelter Alberg d'Animals in Camarles. I'm a male dog, about 2 to 3 years young. The people were not discouraged when they saw I have only three legs. Everything under my knee is gone. I can walk normal, even run. Sitting, standing, all no problem. It's just that I move a little different than others.
I'm a young and playfull dog. Luckely the people figured out that I'd rather be with a playmate than on my own. I love to run, love to give attention to people.
My fur is short, colored in white and black, and I have a long tail and long ears. From a distance you could say I look like a Danish Dog, but then a little shorter.
Will you be my new family? Do you want to come and have a look at me walk with me?
Call for more information or a visit: Encarna (Spanish) 657 181 437 or Anna (English, German, Dutch) 977 265 018.
col.laboració amb Pinsos Folch, Mora d'Ebre

able looking for a home spain able found in camarles

manu - Benny from last month has just been adopted by some nice people.
Hello, I'm Manu
I live in the animal shelter Alberg d'Animals in Camarles. I'm about 2 years old and have already been a year in the animal shelter. I'm a young and playful dog. When my big friend Buddy left with his new family, I was sad at first. But then I found that the other dogs in the same kennel love to play with me as well. I love to run after them, play with them and have fun. But I do not only love dogs, being around people is my thing as well.
My fur is soft, I'm mainly white with some brown/ginger parts around my ears. They say I'm medium sized as I come to just below your knee.
Will you be my new family? Do you want to come and have a look at me, walk with me?
Call for more information or a visit: Encarna (Spanish) 657 181 437 or Anna (English, German, Dutch) 977 265 018 or 680 160 051 col.laboració amb Pinsos Folch, Mora d'Ebre
The animal shelter Alberg d'Animals in Camarles takes care of about 400 dogs and 40 cats. In order to prevent a breakout of 'Tos de la Perrera', the so called kennel cough, we need to vaccinate the dogs as quick as possible. We need extra money to buy all the vaccinations. Can you please help us and donate money to: CATALUNYACAIXA ES59 2013 3072 7002 1016 4055 BIC CESCESBBXXX Thank you for helping our dogs.
For more information: Anna 977 265 018



Last month update. Many thanks to The Olive Press, we had a good response FOR THE URGENT ADOPTION of Alex and his partners dogs, there were 5 dogs in total, we could not have hoped for better homes, they really are very loving dogs, and the new owners are so pleased with them. Jemma is being fostered until her new owners drive over from England, they looked on the Olive Press web site & fell in love with her right away,they own a property near Camarles & plan to get her a passport, Thank you so much to the new owners, you made it possible for me to keep my promise to Alex and his partner. I would like to thank Gabriella of Residencia Canina Filato in Camarles for boarding, caring & spoiling them with no charge to A.R.C.A. & also Sant Salvador Kennels in Gandesa for placing it on their web site & helping to find new homes. WHAT A LOVELY ENDING TO SUCH A SAD STORY.
Mave & All at A.R.C.A. thank you for responding to this appeal.
elsaThis month we need a lovely family for Elsa.
This is Elsa, she was found at the rubbish bins in L'Ampolla & only 7 months old, lonely, afraid & very hungry, being so young she was very vulnerable, it took just over an hour to catch her. Elsa is now about 10months, as you can see she is a beautiful dog & has come on leaps & bounds since being at A.R.C.A. Can you give Elsa a second chance of a life she deserves, if so please contact or visit A.R.C.A..
Many Thanks once again
Mave. 678 975 816


BONNIELIFES A BEACH FOR BONNIE. Bonnie was found up in the mountains almost at deaths door, very thin and had recently had pups, which were not found with her, we adopted her from A.R.C.A. 6 years ago, she is such a loving, gentle dog & so happy to be loved & in a safe home. A.R.C.A. have many loving dogs like Bonnie, wanting a second chance, sadly they have a short life and for many a very sad one, if you can change a life of just one dog the reward is amazing, you have a true friend & companion which is unbeatable.

You can text or call me on 678 975 816.
Many thanks once again, Mave.

Thanks to everyone who as helped some way.
Regards to The Olive Press & thanks for all you are doing for us. Mave 678 975 816


Sant Salvador boarding kennels and cattery, Gandesa

Sant Salvador Kennels & Cattery now have a website where, if your pet boarded with us you can search for their photograph, also included in our site is a page dedicated to missing dogs and cats, By emailing us at and attaching a recent photograph and all their details ie: name, where and when they went missing and there microchip number we will post this on our site and follow up any leads, free of charge.

Just heard from Defra regarding new laws for Pets Passport.

Visit for full details.

As from January 1st 2012 pets will no longer require the blood test if entering the UK from EU and non EU listed countries.
Just a microchip and a rabies vaccination (in that order).
The wait is just 21 days from the date of the rabies vaccination.

Therefore any pets in for testing from now on will not need it and they can all enter in January!


Tel Sandra or Terry on 977 055 027 or 678 970 622


We were all very excited & pleased to see the vets when they arrived from Holland on the 3rd June to begin the 2nd Spay & Neutering project, they were amazing, the 4 days they were here they managed to achieve 88 operations. All successful as before. Whilst operating on 1 dog they found a tumour which they removed, on the 2nd day they were at ARCA a young female dog was left tied to the gate, on their last day they spayed her & removed 6 of her teats because they were in a terrible mess with over breeding, now she looks beautiful & is waiting for a good home. We cannot believe how lucky we are to have had the vets give up their time to help us, we just cannot thank them enough, we wish them a very successful career in veterinary. A special thank you to MIEKE, for her hard work in arranging it & seeing it all went through successfully, without her it would never have happened. We would like to send a big thank you to everyone out there who made it possible by supporting us to raise the money from the Christmas fair & evening Buffet, all the Boot Sales, also El Bar Estacion in L'Ampolla, Phillis, Roger & Dennis for your kind donations to the project. The cost to ARCA was 1900euros, we still have a little way to go. But what a great achievement. Last but not least of course our thanks go to everyone who made the vets stay a happy & comfortable one, Heather & Sarah who gave them lovely accommodation in L'Ampolla, Dorreen & Peter for the lovely evening party & the vegetarian food for the vets lunches whilst at ARCA, thanks to everyone who helped on the days caring for the dogs after their operations. A great deal of work was involved. We sincerely appreciate everyone who contributed to making it a success.
Carmen, Anna & All at ARCA including our lovely furry mates.
You can make a donation through the following bank accounts ARCA
Caixa Tarragona (Caixa Catalunya)
"La Caixa"
We need a large van for transport. In principle we have to rent because we do not have any of this size, but if anyone has van, availability and willingness to help out. We expect to go to Holland May 9-10 and the duration of the trip total is 5 days. Very important too, need dog seatbelts + cages to transport the dogs! Para más información y contacto puedes llamar al móvil 630502142 Maribel (mediodías y noches), Anna 667742431 (tardes) o través del correo o

Carmen and Anna of ARCA animal refuge have driven to Carrefour every day apart from Sundays to buy water to clean the kennels and water for the dogs for TWO AND A HALF years ,now after all that time they finally have the water and electricity connected, Carmen once said to me Mave it will never happen, they are so happy, it is wonderful to see them so excited about it, this was made possible by Matthew and Debbie of The Olive Press, they persevered and found the right organisation to make this happen. Carmen and Anna cannot thank them enough,they also want to thank Lesley and John Cottingham for donating an automatic washing machine,and Doreens husband Peter Gallaway for doing all the plumbing and donating the sink and kitchen units, a Spanish couple have donated a new water heater, so now when the vets return from Holland to do the next spay and neutering project they will be very happy to find the conditions for them to work in so much better. Once again many many thanks to Matthew and Debbie. OH. by the way, after telling a gentleman about this at the Bar Estacion , he asked if he adopted 6 or more dogs from ARCA, could Matthew and Debbie get the electricity and water on at his finca in the campo. now THAT WOULD BE A MIRACLE.
Thanks, Mave and all from ARCA

This year we are starting a campaign for free adoption for all the dogs who have waited for over a year for a family. This means that the animal shelter will pay for the adoption expenses (microchip, sterilizing, vaccinations). We believe that it is more important to get the animals to a good home, than to let them wait in here for an even longer time. Even if that means we have to pay for the veterinarians fee.
Families and persons must be responsible and serious in the adoption process.
Please inform everybody you know about this program. We hope to find nice responsible families for the dogs who have been inside the cages for such a long time.

Many Thanks,

Alberg d'Animals


Alberg animals


Marianela 652059359 +

The more urgent cases we have announced in our blog, WE ARE SATURATED AND WE HAVE NO SHELTER OR SUPPLIES












"moral and cultural progress of a country is measured from its treatment of animals"
(Mahatma Gandhi)

Calenders and t-shirts are also for sale to raise funds for the dogs-







In the next  Olive Press edition I would like you to ask if there is anyone out there to foster puppies for us just until they are old enough to have their vacinations,this week we have had 7 puppies die,it is heart breaking,we do have some lovely people who do foster for us but this time of the year they have visitors,or are off on thier boats,one has broken her foot and is on crutches, we are not doing too well at the moment,and we have more pups in than we have ever had and no one adopting. Once again thanks so much for all you are doing to help us its nice to know there is some kind people out there and we are not struggling alone.

Please Call Mave 678 975 816 at Arca if you can help.


brunacarmeta miki




lasmi pepe



PinkyPinky's was born with malformed back legs and can not bend the legs behind, so her front legs take all her weight. She needs someone to adopt her and give her special loving attention, she has had a very sad life because her owner beat her with a stick when he was very drunk. Now living in the shelter but this is not the place for her.

dalmation ruti

Many puppies needing homes:











fluffyfluffyHOMED Fluffy, cute puppy (like a little wolf) about 3 months old recently found loves other pets and a very loving dog. Has a floppy ear which adds to his charm will make a super devoted pet and addition to any family. fluffy


boxer cross




BOTH HOMED Brindle boxer cross, locked in the ruin in Tortosa, and a Rottie in last week which was adopted as a puppy by a lady who used to help us , sadly she has cancer and has returned to Holland, the dog is very young, she has been spayed and microchipped,and a very loving dog.








edu and hadamax


robert sisi




Cristel  Lucas



dinarumbaboth Rumba and Dina adopted



risisartemis-english-setter-2-yearsARTEMIS and RISI HAVE BEEN ADOPTED





sultanBOB 6 MONTHS OLDSultan & Bob have found a home

JackyJacky has found a home

hominghomeBlue & Kiara have found homes



A.R.C.A. (Association for Refuge and Taking care of the Animals) it is a non-profit association operating since the summer of year 2001. It is dedicated to protect and to defend the abandoned animals.

They are a small number of volunteers who try to protect the well-being of the dogs and look after them until they can find a home for them.

They try to make sure that they are adopted and they obtain the best possible home.

Also they want to make people more responsible for the animals so that the quantity of abandonments is reduced. They also micro chip the dogs and sterilize them .

At this moment they have 300 left dogs.

They are in Tortosa in the province of Tarragona (Spain). But it does not matter where they come from nor the distance as the dogs need aid and the best aid is that they have shelter and food.

All the material aid comes from the donations, thanks to them we can survive but with each new arrival the more donations are needed. If you want  to donate to Arca  if only by 5 € each month, minimum, please send an e-mail with your personal data and account number or call or write. Or just become a volunteer to help with the dogs.



Post office 496



or contact:

Maeve (English) 678 975 816

Cinta    625 915 605

Carmen 655 040 359




A. M. P. A. R. E.

The society for the protection of animals Ebro region. Based in Mora La Nova. We desperately need to re-home dogs to make room for more! We have over 200 dogs for adoption.

Lynn 638 731434 English Isabel 977 404720 Spanish/ Catalan Donations always appreciated.

NOW HOMED-These two puppies have been abandoned in the last two weeks. The one on the right is a female and the fluffy one is a male. They are about nine weeks old and will be quite big dogs. Unfortunately, due to their size, if homes are not found in the next few weeks they are likely to be with us for life! They are very friendly and used to people and are wormed and vaccinated. It's not their fault their mum's owner was irresponsible! Please help them.

If you are interested in these or any other dog please phone:

Lynn 638 731434 English

Isabel 977 404720 Spanish/ Catalan

Donations always appreciated.



Arca Unusual Xmas Gift- Thought you might be interested to hear about the unusual Christmas present we got for our grand-daughter, Jamila (aged 10) this year.
Instead of spending money on expensive presents, we decided to do something different. Jamila adores our dog and would love one of her own, but because she lives in a 3rd floor apartment in a city, this just isn't possible.
I knew that local dogs' homes were desperate for people to adopt dogs and were always grateful for donations. I came up with an idea for sponsoring a dog which I discussed with Mave at Arca. I explained Jamila's situation but asked if it would be possible for me to sponsor a dog for a year, which would be Jamila's very own. Mave agreed that this was a good idea.
So, on Christmas Day I did a 'treasure hunt' with clues linked to the Carol 'Away in a Manger', with the treasure being a bag of Dog Food for Jamila to give to her dog. Her eyes opened wide with excitement when she read the card telling her all about it. She couldn't believe that she was really going to have a dog of her very own (even though it will live in a Dogs' Home). Two days later we took Jamila to the Home for her to choose her dog. She was bowled over by the number of dogs there (300+) and there were so many that she liked, she had a job to choose only one. She was very taken with the puppies, but as these are most likely to get adopted she chose one that probably wouldn't get picked. He was the scruffiest, saddest looking dog you've ever seen, but quite cute. He's also quite old, with one droopy ear, blind in one eye and can hardly see, but Jamila thinks he is lovely. Whilst we were there, she was able to take him for a walk and give him lots of cuddles. We later found out that the dog didn't have a name, so Jamila has called him Spark (short for Sparky!). Not a terribly appropriate name, but Jamila chose it! We are paying for his food for a year and have made arrangements with the Home for Jamila to visit whenever she can. She managed two more visits over the Festive season when she took Spark a blanket and made a name sign for his cage. She also enjoyed taking him out for a walk and giving him treats & cuddles. She's made us promise that we will go and visit him on her behalf and we've also got to take photos of him to send to her.
Over the Christmas holiday Jamila thoroughly enjoyed playing with her presents, including Monopoly & Cluedo sets & listening to CDs on her Personal CD Player (not an i-pod!!), but she said that "Sparky" was the best Christmas present she had ever had!
We are so proud of her, being happy with such simple gifts and not being at all materialistic like most children her age. We were wondering what we could give her for her 11th birthday in February and when we asked if there was anything she would like, she said we could give her the 2nd hand roller blades which I purchased from a car boot sale (for me!), a couple of years' ago. When asked if she'd rather have some new ones, she said "Nah! They're alright, hey'll do!
Jeanette & Rob (grand-parents) .........READERS LETTER!


HORSEBOXWhen boxing your horse a good idea is to feed your horse first, by the ramp of the box, every day for approx. 1 week. Then your horse gets used to the box & ramp. Don't pull the horse in. You want your horse to go in because he wants too. Put his (or her) hoof on the ramp & gently encourage him to go in. It will take a while, just have patience. They will go in. Encourage your horse in with some food in a bucket. Don't lift the ramp straight away. Let your horse get used to the box for approx 1 week. Put a gate across the back first, as your horse won't "feel Boxed In" If your horse feels no fear of the box, they will always box easily, no matter where you are. DO NOT FORCE. Patience works every time.


This month’s tip has to do with horse’s feet, (Hooves) to be precise. Many people think that the hoof is quite a way down the general make up of the horse, because it is so strong. Well you are right, it is strong, but problems can occur, for example: - the two bottom hinge joints, pivot like a hinge. Ligaments hold them in place; the joint has rounded edges, so it is easy to move within the joint. The upper hinge joint holding it in place. This upper hinge joint has a small ridge of bone preventing sideways motion, & stops it being dislodged. This is why people bandage them so that there is less damage to these two joints. Although the hoof itself is strong, the two joints above are very fragile.

horse frog
In this hot climate, Linseed Oil is a very good idea. Apply this once a month. To help lubricate the joints. Put some on an old rag & apply well around the hoof, not forgetting the frog, underneath the hoof. Keep this rag which can be used time & time again. (Don’t let your partner use this rag for checking the oil in the car.) Branches of the suspensory ligaments hold the fetlock pastern & coffin joints in position. So you can see it is a complex joint, although it can withstand some hard knocks.
dressageIf you are jumping your horse, to a high standard, it is good practise to bandage these joints. Remember, they can be easily pushed out of their sockets, or fractured, with a fall, or a knock.
When you have finished working your horse, rub Olive Oil in these joints. It helps to keep them supple. Horses can get a form of arthritis in these joints so the oil is good for this as well.
Good practice is also to, once a week, apply Olive Oil with a small brush, on the hoof, top & bottom, especially around the frog of the hoof. This can get very dry & hard, due to this hot climate.



a dog is for life not just as a puppy JUly 2009

DOGS NEED HOMINGDue to a lack of space and money the animal shelters ask you “please do not abandon your animals .A dog is a part of your family, you wouldn't abandon your child, so why do it to your pet?”
I would also like to clear up a few misconceptions and clarify the laws regarding domestic animals.
Firstly, you must microchip your dog in order to comply with the law. Non compliance carries a fine of up to 400 euros. If you move house you must notify your veterinarian to update the microchip information. We have many dogs who were found wandering in good condition and often with a collar, but without a microchip we cannot locate their owners.

Secondly, it is NOT necessary for your dog or cat to have a litter before it is sterilised. Uncontrolled breeding is the principal problem of the animal shelters, as many of these puppies and kittens end up homeless. For every dog which is adopted there are many more in our shelters.

PUPPIESYour dog or cat can be sterilised before it has it's first season, which in cats can be as early as six months old and a dog a year. If you are too late and it has already been mated, the vet can give a drug to abort the pregnancy and then after her season finishes she can safely be sterilised.
If it is too late for this the operation can be carried out on the pregnant bitch to abort the pregnancy and sterilise. In some circumstances we can help with the cost of sterilisation.
Another option is a six monthly injection which can be given to prevent the bitch from coming into season. You should discuss all the options with your vet, who will know what's best for you.
Puppies and kittens are adorable but they all grow up and the extra mouths to feed are YOUR responsibility.
Male dogs should also be sterilised, it doesn't change their personality but it does help prevent wandering in search of a mate. Thirdly, if you encounter a stray dog , first report it to your local ajuntament and vet. who can check for identification. Your last stop should be the animal shelter.
Mistreating or abandoning a dog carries a fine of up to 20,000 euros!
Please help us by acting responsibly and complying with the law.
From The Society of Animal Shelters.




ARCA Association for the refuge and care of animals Catalunya




Alberg d'animals de les terres de l'Ebre

Alberg animals



arcaOpen the New Dog Shelter, Tortosa



Please help the Arca Tortosa Dogs home

The new shelter is almost complete, but something is holding up the process. therefore the following petition has been started to urge them to open it up - as the existing sheltar is leaking, infested with rats and generally not a very happy place for the dogs.

Please sign the petition, and spread the word to as many dog loving friends that you can.

The petition can be found by clicking here - Many thanks - they will appreciate it.


To:  Consell Comarcal Baix Ebre

Josep Mirales,
Consell Comarcal Baix Ebre.

We, the undersigned, would urge you take whatever steps are necessary to expedite the opening of the new Dog Shelter in Tortosa . We understand that the new building is ready for occupation, and feel it is a matter of extreme urgency that the dogs housed within the current shelter are able to benefit from the new facility as soon as possible.
Currently they are suffering from a leaking roof, lack of water and a rat infestation – these problems would be alleviated if they could be housed in the new shelter, and they would have a much better life.

Thank you for your consideration.


The Undersigned


Falabellas and Miniature Horses

HORSEThe Falabella is not a pony. It is more refined and should look like a miniature Arab horse. They originate from Argentina but 100% bloodlines are quite expensive. Their height is less than 36 inches which makes them too small for anyone other than very small infants to ride. 100% Falabellas are expensive, the cheapest being 1,200 euros.  Miniature horses and miniature Appaloosas vary from 500 euros to 1,000 euros depending on sex, height and colours. 
HORSEYou can find their ranch in Aubachs near Flix, Tarragona with Miniature Horses and Miniature Appaloosas. They are very cute and pretty. Small children can ride the larger ones. They are lovely to have as pets as they love human company, and each has its own character. They can also be trained to pull small carts but most keep them just as pets or lawnmowers.

HORSEThey have 2 mares due to foal in in the summer and there were 2 foals born this April. This year they hope to have more foals for sale. They can also import from the UK and Holland. Visit their web site for photos when the foals arrive. 
The stallion Ray of Light has good conformation and has won 3 first prizes in competitions in Holland. He is easy to handle and well mannered both out and in. 
This year they have a few for sale. If you want something special they can get it for you. HORSEMiniature horses are easy to look after. They do well on a saucepan full of alfalfa granules, oats and bran twice a day plus a wedge of alfalfa or rye grass hay.
If you want to try breeding them yourself it is better to have a larger mare than the stallion to avoid problems foaling. 
HORSEAll the miniature horses come with passports and microchips. 








HORSEIf you love horses there is nothing better than looking out of your window and seeing these lovely creatures grazing and playing. One of the Falabella stallions from 1998 was bought by Spanish and takes part in the fiestas in Tarragona and can do all the same tricks as the Andalusian horses.





Visit the web site for more details:





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