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  • ARCA needs you
    ARCA needs you! Support the dogs
    WE CAN DO IT! (Rosie the Riveter)


We at ARCA want to invite you to participate in our joint defense of animals. We are all volunteers who do our best to care for the so many abandoned dogs around the Tortosa area. We need people willing to protect the dogs and care for them, to achieve this we need your invaluable assistance.

The A.R.C.A. shelter love the animals and take care of their day to day needs as best as possible, because they deserve better, after all that they have suffered, neglect, abuse, hunger, malnutrition, loneliness … A cruel experience that should never happen ever.

We must put a stop to the mistreatment and abandonment and educate people to the importance of being responsible with their pets and sterilisation will prevent unwanted litters is the best proof of liability.

There are many questions about sterilisation. A.R.C.A. are convinced of its convenience. Increase the number of sterilisations as a means to combat uncontrolled breeding is an ongoing project in which we are engaged to prevent the abandonment of litters of puppies.

For this policy we sterilize all females before giving up for adoption, despite the economic cost of operations. Moreover, all animals are identified by microchip and vaccinated before adoption.

Front dropouts was created A.R.C.A. (Association for Refuge and Animals Care) in 2001 for a long time we were housed in a former poultry farm without running water and no light, we have suffered much to carry out this project to give new life to abandoned dogs. In, 2011, we entered a new phase in the new facility where about 200 abandoned dogs are looked after.

We are a volunteer group whose priority is the welfare of dogs. We welcome that they receive all necessary care, food, veterinary attention, emotional attention, walks and awareness of people to get a better deal and relationship with our friends the dogs .

Adoptions are done in person, with the advice necessary in each case and takes the animal to it’s new home.

Clearly, it takes many resources to carry out this social work.

The rescue of “Sharpie” one of our many dogs

"The moral and cultura progress of society is measured in terms of their relationship to animals" (Mahatma Ghandi).

“The moral and cultura progress of society is measured in terms of their relationship to animals” (Mahatma Ghandi).


To help us and the dogs we offer several options:

If you want you can become a VOLUNTEERS. Come to our shelter! If you can spend a few minutes a day, a week, a month contribute to their welfare. While all the dogs are waiting to be adopted they need someone to give them food, clean that, play with them and love them:

Do you have time? Want to help? WHAT CAN YOU DO?

We need volunteers, joining us?

We need volunteers to walk dogs on weekends, or just go over to their cages and socialize with them

This is especially important for the dogs that have been abandoned.

We also need foster homes for cases that need special attention and cares, such as puppies and sick dogs.

Would you like to clean them, there are many who need a bath.

Of course, they also need to be touched and stroked and words of affection

Come, they will thank you!

Volunteer Dog walkers

Volunteer Dog walkers

You can become a member / supporter and also if you have free time try and get more members for our society. This will help the abandoned dogs to obtain a good quality of life which they so desperately deserve plus provide good food, sterilization, micro chip, veterinary, etc…

The fee is just 5€ per month.

You just need to send:



Postal code and town

Landline or mobile
Account number (20 digits)


For donations,

“Associació per al Refugi i Cura dels Animals”

CCC: 2013-3011-99-0210475397

IBAN: ES81 2013 3011 9902 1047 5397

Tortosa (Tarragona) – España.

to address: protectora.arca@hotmail.com
indicating that you want to become a member of ARCA.

Also we always need blankets, food, dog toys for the ever increasing abandoned dogs.

Finally, you also have the option to sponsor a dog. Just choose a dog and the fee is the same as to be a member. For our part we send pictures and the details of the animal chosen, always informing you of your chosen dogs condition and whether it has been taken or is still waiting to be homed. Suffice to say that you can come whenever you want to here be with him and take care of him personally. Read more about distance adoption here…

Help in the fight for the defense of abandoned animals, for greater justice.

Make us your partner. A Worthy Cause!

From all at A.R.C.A. ( Refugi i Cura dels Animals)


ARCA location near Tortosa

ARCA location near Tortosa

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