Distance Adoption

  • Risi from ARCA
    Risi has finally been definately adopted in Holland
  • Scott
    Scott- remote adoption by Susanne Lagarde (Holland)

Remote/distance adoption is a way to help homeless animals.

It’s a very good support which directly benefits the chosen animal and the other abandoned
animals. Many people want to help but cannot offer a home for another animal.
They know that stray animals have suffered greatly and that they are
still “suffering” in the shelter because they need a home. Many have suffered abuse, humiliation, malnutrition and disease.

They have suffered physically and psychologically, sometimes even going
to extremes that we cannot imagine. They endured extreme weather
conditions, the cold winter nights more crude and the sweltering heat
of hotter summers.

Who amongst us has not seen a dog abandoned on the road, emaciated,
his ribs marked on the body, wandering aimlessly, terrified!

In the dog shelter you can find and choose the dog that
you would like to give a little more care to, for what ever the reason, having
suffered much, for having a serious disease, being blind, being the oldest …You can come and see us anytime. We will send you pictures
of the chosen animal and we shall inform you of how you can reach the “shelter”
until an adopter is found, then you will be informed too.

To adopt one of the stray animals, send a donation to the
account code below or contact us:

“Associació per al Refugi i Cura dels Animals”

CCC: 2013-3011-99-0210475397 – per a Donatius.

IBAN: ES81 2013 3011 9902 1047 5397



Plaza Alfonso XII

Tortosa (Tarragona) – España.

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