Elsa’s Story

Having retired & sharing our time between England & Spain, we decided to look into the possibility of a rescue dog to be a member of our family. And, so on the 25th of April 2012, we visited Arca and found Elsa, the one year old equivalent of a Spanish Border Collie. She had been rescued by Mave from the streets of Tortosa, a desperately hungry, frightened young dog.

After a few days of very timid behaviour she gradually learned to trust us and her true character began to emerge. To describe her as both very intelligent and obedient nowhere near does her justice. She has a wicked sense of humour and her attempts to get a reaction from us is accompanied by violent tail-wagging and a huge grin.

Last year we moved to France and soon found we had a tri-lingual dog understanding Catalan, French and English !

France is easily her favourite place and it is wonderful to observe her joy and pleasure of simply being alive when she accompanies us on the morning walk to the beach. Chasing seagulls is a great game!!

Quite simply her tail seems to permanently wag.

Thank you Mave. Thank you Arca.
Elaine & Tony Broxton

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