Luca and Jade

  • Mother and children
    Mother and children
  • One man and his dog
    One man and his dog
  • Puppy Zade
    Puppy Zade
  • the boys in bed
    The boys in bed
  • Zade tired
    Zade tired
  • big paws
    Big paws
  • Luca and Jade relax together
    Luca and Jade relax together

My partner Peter and I moved to Spain in January of this year, having been staying part time for six months or so. We knew that as soon as we settled we wanted to get a dog and that we wanted it to be a rescue, due to the large number of homeless dogs we have seen and heard about since moving to Spain. We contacted Mave via the Olive Press online and arranged to visit a few days later.

We arrived to be greeted by Mave, who we are so impressed by. She is completely dedicated to the welfare of the dogs in her care and is tireless in her work of fundraising and raising awareness of the plight of the rescue dogs. The centre had around 250 dogs of all ages and I can honestly say they were all a joy to see. They all seemed happy and cared for, a huge task but one that seemed to be happening. We were invited to walk a dog of our choice and as Peter and I had both fallen for different dogs, we took two out. We had a lovely walk with them and decided to keep them both.

Luca is a three year old ex-hunting dog and Zade is a three month old puppy. They are totally different to each other as Luca has had a hard life up to now, with little love and Zade is just a baby so he knows no better yet. They had never met but have taken to each other so well and are now inseparable, although Luca could do without Zade’s youthful exuberance sometimes! They have given us such joy and we couldn’t be without them.

Arca Tortosa have been wonderful. The cost of adoption includes vaccinations, identity chipping and neutering, which is a remarkable extra, considering the small adoption fee. Mave and the other staff show real love for all the dogs, even knowing most of them by name. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a dog.

I have attached some pictures of our boys. Please feel free to use any part of this email to good use on behalf of Arca, including the pictures.

Kind regards,


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