Basil now called Branston

UPDATE: 18th July 2014. Good news, an English couple were looking on your web site for some thing, not a Dog, and the wife saw Basil, she phoned me up & came this morning with her husband, Basil was outside free with other dogs, they liked him straight away & didn’t bother to go inside to look at any others. I told her he came in as a very young pup & Fran took him to foster him we knew his chance of surviving at the kennels were very slim. Well they are coming to take him home tomorrow. I phoned Fran she is so happy & thanks to you both for putting him on the Always Manana web site, it as been a while since he went on there, it just took some one to see him & really want him. Again a thank you so much. Mave xx


Branston being collected

19th July 2014. Sending you a photo of Basil, who is now called Branston !!! Neil came today with his eldest grandson to collect him, they had not told them they were coming to get him. Mave xx

April 2013: Well I have taken a few photos from the kennels if you could show them for a.r.c.a., we had 6 pups & 4 adult dogs in 2 days, we really need to get more adoptions hopefully we may have some success.

This is Basil, he was found by the police, they thought it was just a bag of rubbish until they heard him whimpering, he was only 4 weeks old, we knew he would need special care, my friends Fran & Graham took him home & thanks to their dedication to fostering, he survived.

Basil is now 10 months old, he has some Labrador in him & a very gentle loving dog. After such a sad start to his life, Fran would love to see him adopted & in a loving home which he really deserves. If you are able to give Basil a second chance please call or text me. Mave, ARCA 678975816.


Basil now called Branston

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